Simply Safari Icon for your Mac

by on Feb.19, 2009, under Dock Icons, Icons

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Type: Icons |  Author: Thvg |  Download: Click Here

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  1. Andrey

    Where is the fuckin’ North?
    It’s a mistake not to show North on the compass, which is the symbol of Safari icon. I. e. – you are idiot.

  2. Jack

    First of all I am not the author I simply post other artists works that I believe are worthy of being spotlighted. Secondly Before you go typing in English learn how to speak it. Thirdly on every compass I have every looked at N. is at the top numb nuts. Have a nice day! 🙂

  3. Paulo

    Dude the other guy is right, because this compass is symmetrical. It should have the chain hole thing to not have north in it. Imagine if it was on your pocket, how did you know what was the top part? By the way, some people are not native english speakers (like me), unless you can understand their native language, you can´t request anyone to stop writing in english.

  4. Paulo

    Anyway, it’s an ugly ass icon.

  5. Doug

    Holy crap what a pair of dick heads.

    The icon is a symbol it’s not used to navigate to fuckin’ Canada. The icon looks great and it doesn’t need an “N” for north. Especially as it could hardly be seen when it’s on a screen. Can you make out the N in the safari logo?

    No! But then you have your head up your ass so you probably can’t see much,

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