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by on Sep.06, 2009, under Icons

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If you need many small country flags, for language options for example, then this PNG single-image sprite can speed up your page. The source for the above table is here and the associated style sheet is here. The tooltips show the country names as used in the CSS, and are not capitalized deliberately (IE6 as usual doesn’t show tooltips). I have tested in a cross-section of common browsers but if you see any problems please let me know, including your OS/browser version info.

As a general rule, all web icons should be implemented as a single sprite image similar to the above and one excellent tool for creating this is the CSS Sprite Generator which was used to create the flag icon sprites.

There are 192 country flags as well as a question mark flag and also a combined UK-USA flag representing “English” for language purposes, even though the two nations are separated by their common language as has been observed. I have no political agenda and mean no offense to Kosovo or anywhere else as the number of countries varies according to source. See this reference for more information.

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  1. Awesome

    Thanks a ton. This is so useful and the image file size is really small (14K or so)… kudos..

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