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Tricking Out Firefox Part 1 – Personas

by on Aug.23, 2009, under Firefox Extensions, Firefox Theme

Firefox (45% of JR readers use it) has a plugin architecture that allows easy customization of the header and footer areas using the Firefox Persona plugin. You can also customize the appearance of any web site viewed in Firefox using the Stylish add-on that we’ll use in part 2 to make a transparent background for our Twitter home page. There are also many skins and themes for Firefox that we’ll explore in part 3. The screenshot shows the semi-transparent theme diamond and you can see the Jack Rebel header logo bleeding through in the title bar from the window behind.

Here’s a Firefox Persona with Yosemite’s Half Dome (click to enlarge):


Type: Firefox Themes, Firefox Extensions | Mozilla Firefox: Persona Add-on, Persona Gallery

Web 2.0 Graphics Bundle

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ZF Kemikal Firefox Theme

by on Aug.20, 2008, under Firefox Theme

Type: Firefox Theme  |  Author: Ztitus |  Download: Click Here

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Zeline2 Firefox Theme

by on Jun.28, 2008, under Firefox Theme

Type: Firefox Themes  |  Author: Bobbyperux |  Download: Click Here

How to create iPhone apps without programming skills

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SnowFox for Firefox

by on May.22, 2008, under Firefox Theme

Type: Firefox Theme | Author: eamon63 | Download: Click Here

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Hud for Firefox 2

by on Mar.26, 2008, under Firefox Theme


Type: Firefox Theme  |  Author: Danilux  |  Download: Click Here

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Aeon for Firefox 2

by on Mar.09, 2008, under Firefox Theme


Type: Firefox Theme  |  Author: iiwiis  |  Download: Click Here

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Windows Media Player Firefox Theme.

by on Sep.14, 2007, under Firefox Theme


Type: Firefox Theme

Author: Internauta2000

Download – Click Here

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